About Us

Light By Design About Us

Light By Design has been supplying industrial, commercial, and agricultural lighting solutions for over ten years.


We aim to bring our customers the most efficient LED lighting for your environment to sustain your productivity, safety, and reduce your electricity consumption and ultimately your carbon footprint.


No two spaces are configured or operate in the same way, therefore, working with a trusted and agile solution provider will give you peace of mind and the results you need for your business.


We will guide you to consider the best lighting for you to create a safe and productive working environment that also has the best ambience for your customers. To do this we consider the lighting needs of specific areas according to the work carried out or the necessary positioning of the luminaire, from close precise work to ambience and light distribution, glare, and the colour temperature.


Our lighting solutions have maintenance costs in mind too. Therefore, installing high-performing luminaires reduces the frequency of maintenance and the associated cost.

How We Work


Our approach is straightforward and transparent. As we are independent and not tied to any luminaire suppliers you can be assured that we focus on delivering a solution that is right for you to meet your objectives.


Our process is designed to make life easy for you and guarantees you get the result you need. We work with you to understand what your objectives are from saving money to making your workplace safe, increasing productivity, or creating a relaxing environment.

Site Assessment 

Construction Site Managers

A site assessment helps us to ensure that everything is covered. Having worked on many projects, our clients often benefit from solutions we’ve delivered on previous projects that may include innovative solutions to internal, external, emergency, and security lighting problems.


Light By Design Planning

Our projects are planned to ensure you experience the least disruption and have your lighting solution up and running in the fastest time possible.


Work with our installation team or we can work with an installation team of your choice.


Bucklesham Commercial Result

We revisit your site post-installation to ensure that you and your team are happy with the transformation.